I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Communication and the Department of Sociology at Ohio State University. I recently graduated with a Ph.D. in political science from the University of California, San Diego (2013). I also studied at Arizona State University, where I graduated with an M.A. in political science (2007) and a B.A. in political science (2006). My core research interest is in political behavior and attitudes, specifically how our social networks influence our political behavior and communication. I use computational methods to understand why people behave as they do, how they communicate, and what the effects of communication are for politics.  Much of this core area of research uses big data to study social influence on political behaviors and attitudes, including a large-scale field experiment on turnout, and observational work on ideology. In addition to my main areas of work, I have studied the development of political attitudes and behaviors in the social networks of adolescents, social network effects on aggression, and measures of Congressional behavior using social network techniques. Below you will find links to my published work, working papers, and my coauthors' webpages.

For more detailed information about my professional background please see my CV.


Published Work

  1. Bond, Robert M., and Solomon Messing.  Quantifying Social Media's Political Space: Estimating Ideology from Publicly Revealed Preferences on Facebook.  American Political Science Review. (Forthcoming).
  2. Settle, Jaime E., Robert M. Bond, Lorenzo Coviello, Jason J. Jones, Christopher J. Fariss, James H. Fowler, Adam D.I. Kramer, Cameron Marlow. From Posting to Voting: The Effects of Political Competition on Online Political Engagement. Political Science Research & Methods. (Forthcoming).
  3. Jones, Jason J., Robert M. Bond, Christopher J. Fariss, Jaime E. Settle, Adam D. I. Kramer, Cameron Marlow, and James H. Fowler. Yahtzee: An Anonymized Group Level Matching Procedure, PLoS One 8 (2):e55760 (February 2013).
  4. Jones, Jason J., Jaime E. Settle, Robert M. Bond, Christopher J. Fariss, Cameron Marlow, and James H. Fowler. "Inferring Tie Strength from Online Directed Behavior, PLoS One 8 (1):e52168 (January 2013).
  5. Bond, Robert M., Christopher J. FarissJason J. Jones, Adam D. I. Kramer, Cameron MarlowJaime Settle and James H. Fowler.  A 61-Million-Person Experiment in Social Influence and Political MobilizationNature 489: 295-298 (13 September 2012).  [Supplementary Information] [Commentary]
  6. Settle, Jaime E., Robert M. Bond and Justin Levitt. The Social Origins of Adult Political Behavior,  American Politics Research  39 (2): 239-263 (March 2011).


Working papers

  1. Social Information and Political Participation (with with Jaime E. Settle, Christopher J. Fariss, Jason J. Jones, James H. Fowler, and Cameron Marlow)
  2. Quantifying Political Discussion from the Universe of Facebook Status Updates (with Jaime E. SettleChristopher J. Fariss, Jason J. Jones, James H. Fowler, Lorenzo Coviello, Adam D. I. Kramer, Cameron Marlow)
  3. Violence is Like a Contagious Disease: The Spread of Violence through Social Networks (with Brad Bushman)
  4. Peer Effects and Voter Turnout 
  5. How ‘Voters’, ‘Voting’, and Social Influence Affect Turnout (with Jason J. Jones, Eytan Bakshy, Dean Eckles, and James H. Fowler)
  6. Party Cohesion in Congress: A Social Network Approach using Cosponsorship Data
  7. Tracking the Spread of Political (Mis)Information through Social Networks (with Christopher J. Fariss, Jason J. Jones, and Neil Visalvanich)